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The importance of lake health...

What can we do?

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July, 2021 — Lac Gauvreau is a beautiful lake, offering an abundance of natural features and plenty of recreational opportunities. It is a densely populated lake, however, which stresses the lake's fragile ecosystem. Environmental issues usually materialize so slowly that they may not be readily apparent until reaching a crises state. Our lake is not alone. So many bodies of water face similar challenges that take a particularly concerted effort, a great deal of cooperation, and adequate funding to address problems head-on. That's why Enviro Lac Gauvreau needs your help. Let's all pitch in to fix the problems so that we can preserve our lake's health for the enjoyment of future generations.

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Newred copy Report suggests strategies for restoring the Lac Gauvreau shoreline to mitigate premature lake aging
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April 9, 2022 —Based on onsite observations and scientific evaluations, the non-profit environmental organization ABV des 7, has released a summative report on the condition of Lac Gauvreau and its shoreline. The report was commissioned by the Enviro Lac Gauvreau owners association.

In a Zoom webinar presented on April 9, 2022, biologist Jean-François Ouellet, M. Env., who is the General Manager of ABV des 7, gave assurance that much can be done to preserve and restore lake health. In presenting the organization's report, his prime recommendation was the preservation and restoration of the lake's riparian (shoreline) buffer.

> Visit our "Restore Your Shoreline" page for details, including slideshow and video presentations

In the fall of 2020, initial assessments done by ABV des 7 helped Enviro Lac Gauvreau set new and revised priorities:
  • Education, promotion and inclusion of all lake users: science, regulations, protection measures, boating and other lake uses.
  • Water testing: ongoing importance of annual analysis and tracking.
  • Quality assurance and scientific advice to Enviro Lac Gauvreau: education and awareness, quality control programs, municipality.
  • Shoreline restoration: importance, promotion, municipal bylaws, subsidies.
  • Milfoil: education, expansion of buoys and signage, direct treatment, best control practices.
Enviro Lac Gauvreau will be emailing regular messages to you over the coming months on each of the above priorities.

    kayaking Do's & don'ts of lake health
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    Let's preserve the health of our lake by following these 10 dos and don’ts
    (click on "print & post" link beneath)

    1. Do take care that the wake from your motorboat does not cause shoreline erosion, dislodge milfoil or threaten the nests of shoreline birds such as the loons.
    2. Do let tall grass and bushes grow along the shoreline; keep your land well treed; replant indigenous bushes and trees.
    3. Don’t mow the lawn right to the water’s edge. Leave or re-establish a naturalized buffer zone of at least 5 metres as is required by law.
    4. Do use phosphate-free products for cleaning and washing and don’t bathe or use any soap or shampoo directly in the lake.
    5. Don’t use fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide on your lawn or in your garden.
    6. Do take special precautions to prevent oil, gasoline or other toxic products from leaking into the lake.
    7. Do have your septic tank checked every two to three years, pump it when necessary, but take care to leave enough active sludge in the septic tank to not disrupt the digestion process.
    8. Don’t go into the milfoil fields. All boaters, swimmers and those fishing MUST stay outside the red buoys.
    9. Do seek authority from the Municipality for all clearing, excavating, and filling work within the 15m shoreline setback from the lake, as is required by law.
    10. Do actively alert your renters or visitors of these regulations, and put this list on your fridge door as a regular reminder.
    pool Relationship between blue-green algae, milfoil and excess nutrients
    There is a connection between phosphates, Eurasian watermilfoil, blue-green algae and lake health
    Moderate or high levels of phosphorous result in excess nutrients that promote the growth of algae — including blue-green algae blooms — and the propagation of Eurasian watermilfoil. If levels are high or increasing, the productivity of Eurasian watermilfoil would likely increase accordingly. Annual water quality assessments, including phosphorous sampling, are a useful part of an Eurasian watermilfoil monitoring program, especially in a small body of water like Lac Gauvreau that is bordered by agricultural land on the west side and that is subject to rainwater runoff from an expanding residential development on the east side.

    Good news for the spring of 2021
    It is encouraging that Enviro Lac Gauvreau received a sizeable grant through La Pêche Municipality's Green Fund for Urgent action for the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau, Phase 1. Among other initiatives, activities include:
    • shoreline characterization and restoration to reduce the influx of nutrients;
    • participation in the water testing program; and
    • seeking out scientific expertise and guidance to ensure projects to improve the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau are viable and effective.



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