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Preserving the health and beauty of our lake
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Three-Year Action Plan For A Healthier Lake

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Newred copy Water quality warnings lead Enviro Lac Gauvreau to set new and revised priorities
The Board of Enviro Lac Gauvreau, in consultation with experts from the not-for-profit environmental organization ABV des 7, has drafted a three-year action plan to address the water quality issues that Lac Gauvreau is encountering. The following are a few highlights of the plan.
  • Education, promotion and inclusion of all lake users: science, regulations, protection measures, boating and other lake uses.
  • Water testing: ongoing importance of annual analysis and tracking.
  • Quality assurance and scientific advice to Enviro Lac Gauvreau: education and awareness, quality control programs, municipality.
  • Shoreline restoration: importance, promotion, municipal bylaws, subsidies.
  • Milfoil: education, expansion of buoys and signage, direct treatment, best control practices.
To view the three-year action plan in more detail, click HERE.

"Green Fund" grants target Lac Gauvreau's environmental issues
The La Pêche Municipality Green Fund awards funds to support innovative projects from the community and actions in areas such as fighting climate change, managing waste, protecting water, and caring for the soil. Lac Gauvreau is the beneficiary of several grants.

1st call for projects (Spring 2020)

Lac GauvrEAU Secours: was awarded a grant of $8,470:
Study for Lac Gauvreau recovery, Lac GauvrEAU Secours
In response to the alarming invasion of watermilfoil in the lake, Lac GauvrEAU Secours and the municipality will evaluate measures to restrict the use of motorized watercraft. Organizers will work with various lake users to educate the public and raise awareness of environmental issues.

ENVIRO Lac Gauvreau was awarded a grant of $1,023:
Eurasian water-milfoil: Beating an Invasive Species, Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association
Enviro Lac Gauvreau received this grant to conduct an information session on milfoil, led by ABVdes7 in August 2020.

La Pêche Municipality on behalf of ABV des 7 was awarded a grant of $2,656:
Effects of boats on the proliferation of invasive species, Municipality of La Pêche
The Municipality would like to study the impact of boats on watermilfoil populations. The study, conducted by ABV des 7, will describe the process for restricting the use of motorized watercraft and provide an overview of alternative approaches used elsewhere in Québec.

2nd call for projects (Autumn 2020)

Association des propriétaires et résidants du Lac Bernard was awarded $4,692:
Eurasian water milfoil control plan – Association des propriétaires et résidants du Lac Bernard
The Lac Bernard Homeowners and Residents Association wishes to hire a consultant to assess Lac Bernard’s current Eurasian water milfoil infestation and explain the available control options.

3rd call for projects (Spring 2021)

Enviro Lac Gauvreau was awarded $15,000:
Urgent action for the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau, Phase 1 - Gavreau Lake Environmental Protection Association
This initiative is a pilot project for other lakes in La Pêche. Activities include education and awareness campaigns, shoreline characterization and restoration to reduce the influx of nutrients, marking and flagging Eurasian water-milfoil areas to reduce proliferation, participation in the water testing program, and seeking out scientific expertise and guidance to ensure projects to improve the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau are viable and effective.