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Enviro Lac Gauvreau is the short form for the Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association (GLEPA). Enviro Lac Gauvreau is an environmental association that monitors and encourages the maintenance of the ecological integrity of Lac Gauvreau in La Pêche, Quebec.

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Newred copy New Board of Directors (BOD)Meeting Chooses Executive

September 26, 2022 — The Enviro Lac Gauvreau BOD met on the 14th and 20th of September where newly elected members were welcomed, a renewed work plan agreed upon, and members of the Executive chosen.

The positions of Secretary (Dan Kobewka) and Treasurer (Christina McNiven) were confirmed for another year and for the first time in a decade, we have two Co-Presidents: Rink Delange has joined John Leech who has agreed to continue in his current role for another year. The larger BOD is expected to allow greater work-sharing among members.

The work plan for the coming year includes continued efforts on shoreline restoration, water quality testing, education/communications, action against milfoil and renewed efforts to support the Municipality in the conduct of their responsibilities. In addition, research and work will be initiated around nutrient reduction via a wetland filter and floating islands. The limited support from ABVdes7 may require the search for other resources.

Executive & Board of Directors + 2022 AGM draft minutes and financial statements are posted on this webpage: Click here

Newred copy SEPTEMBER UPDATE: 2022 Water quality test results

Third set of summer 2022 water quality test results released

September, 2022 UPDATE— Results of the third set of water quality samples collected in August have been released. Our Association's sampling program measures 1) Total Phosphorus (TP) and 2) bacteria (E.coli) levels to determine safety for swimming. The next set of samples will be collected in the fall. Welcome our water testers as they go about their volunteer job.


1) Our Association's sampling program measures bacteria (E.coli) levels to determine safety for swimming. Tests to date show that the lake is safe for swimming.

2) Our Association's sampling program also measures total Phosphorus (TP) levels to determine nutrient levels. Results to date show that our lake has an excessive nutrient load that promotes the growth of milfoil and algae.

Click here to see results and interpretations

The next set of Association samples will be collected throughout August.


Results of the first set of full RSVL test samples conducted in June 2022 have been released. Tests to date how that the lake is safe for swiimming. More samples will be taken as summer progresses, and analysis/verdict will be available only at the end of the season.

Reports will be posted as they are received

Newred copy Milfoil Task Force explores milfoil control

June 2022 — Enviro Lac Gauvreau's Milfoil Task Force has been working on the best approaches to direct treatment of the pervasive weed. The Task Force had hoped to issue clear guidelines this Spring, but regulatory barriers have temporarily delayed this step.

Plans to control milfoil have followed two tracks: 1) measures designed to slow the spread of the weed—such as buoys, boating restrictions, etc. and 2) direct treatment.

To learn more, click here to visit our "Eurasian Watermilfoil" webpage

Newred copy Guidelines for Responsible Boating Practices

May 2022 — Enviro Lac Gauvreau formed a sub-committee that included a cross-section of the Lac Gauvreau community to develop responsible boating guidelines to minimize further spread of Eurasian milfoil.

We hope that you will adhere to these guidelines in the spirit with which they were developed: to enable us to continue to operate our boats on the lake in a manner that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Click here to visit our "Responsible Boating" webpage

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Send us an email if you are a concerned lake resident who would like to know more or contribute to the wellbeing of our lake: enviro.gauvreau@gmail.com


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