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Enviro Lac Gauvreau is the short form for the Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association (GLEPA). Enviro Lac Gauvreau is an environmental association that monitors and encourages the maintenance of the ecological integrity of Lac Gauvreau in La Peche, Quebec.

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NEW Responsible Boating Guidelines

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NEW 2022 water quality testing underway

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NEW Strategies for weed control

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An ongoing problem that needs to be addressed

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Newred copy Summer 2022 "RSVL" water quality tests underway / 2021 test results released

Summer 2022 "RSVL" water quality tests underway

June 2022 — Our crew of testing volunteers has begun this year’s sampling to monitor the water quality in our lake. Enviro Lac Gauvreau is now fully supported by the "RSVL" Water Quality Sampling Protocol. As well, volunteers will continue our own sampling program.

2021 water quality test results released in a comprehensive report

June 2022 — The Enviro Lac Gauvreau Association has released the final results and interpretations of water quality tests, using the RSVL Protocol, that were conducted during the summer of 2021. It took until now to publish this report because the 2021 results are difficult to compare with results from earlier years, since samples were not taken in the same places as previously used. Consequently, RSVL has directed Enviro Lac Gauvreau to measure only at the deepest spot (the “pit”) starting in 2022.

Click here to visit our "Water Quality Monitoring" webpage

Newred copy Milfoil Task Force explores best practices and specialized tools to control milfoil

June 2022 — Enviro Lac Gauvreau's Milfoil Task Force has been working on the best approaches to direct treatment of the pervasive weed. The Task Force had hoped to issue clear guidelines this Spring, but regulatory barriers have temporarily delayed this step forward.

Plans to control milfoil have followed two tracks: 1) measures designed to slow the spread of the weed—such as buoys, boating restrictions, etc. and 2) direct treatment.

Research indicates that clearing limited areas adjacent to the shoreline can best be accomplished in 2 ways:

• by careful manual removal methods and

• by covering some areas with burlap.

To learn more, click here to visit our "Eurasian Watermilfoil" webpage

Newred copy New Guidelines for Responsible Boating Practices

May 2022 — Enviro Lac Gauvreau formed a sub-committee that included a cross-section of the Lac Gauvreau community to develop responsible boating guidelines to minimize further spread of Eurasian milfoil.

Over the last ten years, the Association has made many efforts to deal with the milfoil issue and the role of watercraft in its spread. These efforts have included buoys delineating “no go” areas for all types of boats, signs to explain the buoys, direct communication with boaters found within the buoyed areas, membership education, professional assistance from ABV des 7 to explore remediation measures, and financial assistance from the Municipality to enhance the previously noted measures.

We hope that you will adhere to these guidelines in the spirit with which they were developed: to enable us to continue to operate our boats on the lake in a manner that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Click here to visit our "Responsible Boating" webpage

Join Enviro Lac Gauvreau and play an active role in our three-year plan to preserve the lake. Every dollar of your membership goes toward efforts to improve the health of our lake so that we can continue to enjoy our recreational paradise.

Visit the Lake Health pages to get the latest, and learn what we can do to preserve Lac Gauvreau’s ecosystems for future generations.

Responsible Boating practices are a priority for lake health and to ensure enjoyment for all.

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Send us an email if you are a concerned lake resident who would like to know more or contribute to the wellbeing of our lake: enviro.gauvreau@gmail.com

Visit our About Us page for a list of Executive and Board of Directors, as well as AGM minutes & budget items

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