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Welcome to Enviro Lac Gauvreau

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Enviro Lac Gauvreau is the short form for the Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association (GLEPA). Enviro Lac Gauvreau is an environmental association that monitors and aims to restore the ecological integrity of Lac Gauvreau in La Pêche, Quebec. Enviro Lac Gauvreau has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Province of Québec since 2002. As such, every dollar of your membership goes directly to supporting lake health.


September, 2023 newsletter

Six members acclaimed to Enviro Lac Gauvreau Board of Directors
No election required!

August 26, 2023 — Following the AGM on August 26th, we confirmed six nominations to fill six vacancies, so an election was not required. Click on the links below for more about our new BOD.

> Visit the "Your Association" webpage

> Visit the "Com Committe" webpage to see our new communications team

> Visit the "Latest News" webpage

View final 2023 water quality test results

September, 2023 — Final results of water quality tests done by Enviro Lac Gauvreau volunteers for June, July, and August 2023 are now posted. Each season, our Association's sampling program measures 1) Total Phosphorus (TP) and 2) bacteria (E.coli) levels to determine safety for swimming. This year, the water testing program has been expanded to include: dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements at the deepest parti of the lake taken by ABV des 7, the regional watershed organization.

> Visit our "Water Quality Monitoring" webpage

August, 2023 newsletter

August 1, 2023 — Our latest newsletter addresses several key topics:

  • Annual General Meeting - August 26, 10 am at Salle Desjardin, Masham
  • Membership payment reminder
  • Become a board member
  • Door to door campaign well-received
  • Milfoil Removal Adjacent to Your Property
  • Boating — Did you know?
  • Field visit - hydromorphologist
  • Lac Gauvreau is safe for swimming but total Phosphorus (TP) levels remain high

> Visit our "Latest News" webpage to read the full August newsletter

Contact Us

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Send us an email if you are a concerned lake resident who would like to know more or contribute to the wellbeing of our lake: enviro.gauvreau@gmail.com


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